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Posted by Mike on 04/03/02 - 20:29:26
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My high school English teacher asked us to submit song lyrics as examples of poetry. I submitted White Rabbit, Greasy Heart, and China. To my surprise what dilighted her was that I was the only one in the all-boy boarding school class to submit lyrics by a woman! This had never occured to me- & I mean that as no slight to Gracie who is DEFINITELY a woman (& whatta woman!) nor to boost my ego as a male feminist. It really hadn't been a consideration. You said in a post below something about getting it "wrong" if you don't say he/she all the time. IMO p.c. types have a lot of valid points which they lose sympathy for by nit-picking over relative trivialities like inclusive language. I hope your school administrators don't send you to re-education camp ;-)  Peace dear-Mike

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