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Posted by Mission Control on 04/03/02 - 17:05:41
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... Cricket Halsey ... yet again!

First - unlike National Public Radio, we have no policy in place that prohibits reperat winners within a given period of time.  Perhaps in light of  the Chirper's scholarship ... sagacity ... what have you - we should!  After all, it wouldn't do to have her win ALL the contests ... would it?  Then again - she won fair & square.

The opening scenes of arrows hitting (or missing) their mark) were Powell/Pressburger's OWN OPINION on whether they had produced a great film - or simply a good one.  Another pof our A-Deckers gave  the answer that this was commentary by the British  film industry - which was close - but incorrect.  To that person I offer condolences - but wish to point out:  How could the film industry offer critical asessment BEFORE the film's in question debuted, because the archery scenes were part of their debut?

In any event - the prize here is - again - a selection of music from the archive.  When Cricket lets us know what she has selected, we'll let you know.  Note:  We're still waiting for her to accept her Oscar Prize.

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