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Posted by Mike on 04/03/02 - 16:23:47
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Dittos to the greatness of both Rust albums, also the concert video. Here's a beef I have w/ RS et al: how come JS never got cut any slack(see lyrics to STC) not to mention the outright viciousness of L.Bangs (yet he tricked me & others into buying Metal Machine Music!) Anyway as I say, PK & co. never got even grudging respect that at least they were doing what they want, exploring new sounds, not repeating tired formulas etc. No they would be routinely panned. But Dylan had Jan Wenner RETRACT a pan of one of the born-again things, & when Neil Young kept releasing bizarro-world things during the Geffen era (talk about taking the piss!) it was turned into a David & Goliath cause by the media w/ Geffen as the baddie. If I were a businessman & signed an artist in good faith I would expect at least SOME compromise- & I am familiar w/ Marty's "Rock Justice," & certainly don't mean to imply that an artist should be persecuted for pursuing a non-commercial ideal. It is the double standard of who gets Cred & who doesn't that burns me. -Mike

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