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Posted by Rush on 04/03/02 - 11:57:45
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Ok, so I heard they were shooting the sequel to Analyze This, called Analyze That. It is being show right now downstairs in the Audi Dealership. So I walks on over, through the gaffers, grips, light folks, and I walks up to the showroom window where Bob is standing only 4 feet from me. Next thing I know, I am in the scene (outside) with the rest of the well dressed extras. I blended right in and got to be in one of the takes (if they even use that). Then, I was talking with Di Nero's driver and HE looked right over at us and smiled as I was gesturing about his recent eye jobs (which he denies of course having done).  What a cool day.  Sunday night, I met Bobby Darin's original PR person/publicist as well.  Having a good week here.  Love NY.

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