Live Rust, Rust Never Sleeps, and a little Doo-Wop

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Posted by Paul S. on 04/03/02 - 03:44:33
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I was blind sided for years thinking they were the same album. I had Live Rust and wore it well. Then one day my buddy put on the Rust Never Sleeps album. I said what album is this? (DUHH I don't no George!%*%#$!) If I had to choose though, just for shear volume of great songs my vote goes to Live Rust. It's funny but the first thing of Neil I ever heard(and saw) was "wonderin'"on Mtv in their early days. At age 14 when me and my blossoming psychadelic friends put on Live Rust, and I was like that guy who did...they set me straight and we went and saw a show that summer. I saw a VH1 show on Neil the other night and they showed that video and they were talking about how he was fucking with David Geffen and the second Neil left Geffen he started playing Neil Young again.

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