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Posted by Ethel on 04/03/02 - 00:44:15
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I'm sorry I don't undrestand the 'Johnny Rotten" reference Amm.

Neil Young is a favorite, but we haven't collected enough of his music, and we should work on it.  We have Weld and a few other live shows.
I'll never forget how Neil kept me company in a cabin back East when I went on a seven week painting excursion, alone, with about 10 tapes.

I was near Toronto, Canada, and they had a station (I guess due to the fact that it was  Neil's home town), which played ALL Neil, ALL the time.  I was quite amazed to realize there was plenty to keep me entertained.  I had brought Sense of Wonder (where Morrison relies on Blake),
and Ancient Future, Dylan, and other faves of the time: 1985.....but Neil saved the day!)

I also encountered Neil's good energy in connection with my last career before classroom teaching, where I was the artistic director on the studio floor for adult artists with disabilities at NIAD, the National Institute of Art and Disabilities, in Richmond CA. During my 5 year tenure there, MANY well-known visual artists
participated in the program.  

In addition, David Getz lent some of his energy, as did Peter Kaukonan.  They had an interest in what was (and still is), an excellent and creative social program.  

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