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Posted by Paul S. on 04/02/02 - 19:08:38
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I always say: I wanna see a band get up there and show us what they got, meaning no 100 people on stage. I saw him do 2 shows on the '90 tour at Foxboro Satadium(RIP). He kicked ass...great shows. Linda was up they're and almost looked like she she was coming through the P.A. It was a very dark day though, as I remember walking the parking lot and it was announced over the radio that Brent Mydland was found dead. Peple could be heard crying around every corner as the news spread. THANK DOG FOR PAUL MACARTNEY THAT DAY....we needed it. I've never seen the Blue Angels. That would be cool, but I don't think I would want to be enclosed with 1000 people with nowhere to run like some of the accidents that have happened.   P.S. I have fond memories of tripping on acid and jumping the rail with my friend onto the field from the stands at Foxborough Stadium. We had to clear this rail, jumping from the wall. It was before a Pink Floyd show in '88.Security was TIGHT.We both jumped at the same time and ran in different directions into the crowd. I have vivid memoried of my 30-40 yard run down the sidelines with the crowd roaring at my attempt and subsequent chase. I got so close I could have spit on David Gilmore, easy. I'm putting my hands in my pockets now so I'll stop writing. PEACE

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