"The Archers"

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Posted by Cricket (live from PFA Library) on 04/02/02 - 17:15:46
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Quote is from A LIFE IN MOVIES: An Autobiography, by Michael Powell

"Now I don't know who first suggested the famous target, but I think the seed may have germinated in Denham on THE THIEF OF BAGHDAD, when I watched my champion archer send arrow after arrow into his chosen target.  One day, I pointed out to Emeric a little pastiche poem that the drama critic James Agate had dashed off:

'The arrow was pure gold
But somehow missed the target.
But as all Golden Arrow trippers know
'Tis better to miss Naples than hit Margate.'

"Emeric liked the conceit and we adopted the target as our trademark with A PRODUCTION OF THE ARCHERS overprinted."  (p. 387)

The next source is from an article called, "On Target: Looking back at the films of Powell and Pressbueger" -- March 15-22, 2001, PHILADELPHIA CITYPAPER.NET:

"Collectively calling themselves "THE ARCHERS", Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger 'signed' their films with the image of an arrow thunking into a target.  The accuracy of the shot reflected how they felt about the finished product.  Suffice it to say that the five of their films currently in print are all bullseyes."

Finally, this is from THE FILMS OF MICHAEL POWELL AND THE ARCHERS by Scott Sawolke:

"The Archers...their name taken from a poem by James Agate.  Each film would begin with an arrow striking a target, sometimes hitting the bull's-eye, sometimes just missing, but always striving for the center.  If the title signified something new, the men's contribution would be little changed, as Pressburger acknowledged."  (p. 84)

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