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Posted by carolyn on 04/02/02 - 14:42:02
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some posted a little bit ago about fatalities and trucks and wouldn't you rather you family be in an suv?

well, aren't suv's trucks?  ther more suv's on the road, the more fatalities?  or does my logic fail me again?

and the tv comercials for suv's.  the isitsu (sp?)  comercial.  "you'll never take that suv off the road......."  so i guess buy an isitsu pretend suv so you can look cool, even though you have no real use for suv?  just be like the other soccer moms and dads.

and the one showing someone engaging in etreme sports but then goes off a cliff.  and the message is:  this suv for your adventutes in reality.  i guess for people who are even afraid to ski down the bunny slope, but wnat to pretent they are in a range rover on the african plains while tooling to the 7-11 to buy a gallon of milk.

people in suv's, often have this dangerous arrogance on the road.  forget how many tons of metal they are driving and tailgate even if you are going 10 miles faster than the speed limit.  not a particularly slow driver, i have had this happen once, and seen it on the road many times.

when i was in labor with my son, the night before i was sending my husband out to play tennis, because i thought i was having braton hicks contractions.  wisely, he decided to stick around.  all through the night, regardless of how close my contractions were, the midwife kept saying i sounded too good.  so in the early mornig hrs, my husband decided to bring me to the birth center, not wanting to deal with rush hr traffic on rt 1.  well, by the time we got on our way, i was in the final stages of labor.  we were flying up rt one.  my husband flashed his lights to warn the suv ahead to get over.  there was another suv sightly behind in the lane t the rt.  when we got close, my husband started hitting his horn, the other suv pulled up to us to block us in.  by this time, usually mild mannered me is screaming curse words at them.  windows up, they could not here.  the suv driver nest to us turns and gives me a dirty look.  and then he looks back again.  sees a small woman w/a very large belly writhing out of the car seat ,screaming (back labor is not fun strapped in the car).  pulls up and motions to the idiot ahead to get over.

also, when another road was closed for contruction, a through road going between my nieghbor and another where many kids play was enduring heavy traffic.  as i was waiting to make a left, this suv goes flying by - not just a little fast.  wne he stopped at the nest traffic light, i got out of my car and went up to him and told him off.  cowering fat man with a mustache.  eventually turned off into a neighborhood of mc mantions in newtown.  my husband was following me becaus we were dropping off one of the cars somewhere and was very upset at what i did.  "he could be some carazy with a shotgun!"  i assured him that  if he was not in back of me for protection, i would not have gotten out of my car.

and more recently, an suv tore around the corner onto our street to use our neighborhood as a turnaround.  flying down the street at about 60 mph.  a fat bleached blond behind the wheel.  only seconds earlier, kids had been in the street at the corner playing ball.  i had just returned from a bike ride, so my husband grabbed my bike and took off after her.  pretty fast due to his vigorous mountian bike exercise, he almost caught her.  was going to grab her keys away from her if he caught up.

this "i'm driving a big bad suv and am very cool" attitude is most definately contributing to road rage.  oh well, i guess it is the american way.

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