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Posted by Dave on 04/02/02 - 14:14:57
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First JS show for me was the Spring 74 tour and then the Fall 74s (RCMH). All were fantastic. So were the 75-77 period. 1974 is when the love JS-bug hit me. But I fell out of love when Mickey Thomas arrived. I just can't stand that guy's voice. In 1991, Paul's Wooden Ships righted the "ship".

Saw the re-incarnated JS in 92 when I realized it was back to the basics. Music. Space. Rock & Roll.
In the years since, there were some shows that were sparsely attended but I am unable to figure this out. BBs Halloween, as Chris pointed out was one of those. So were the Tin Angel shows. Since 2001, I'd say the reverse it true. JS has packed them in (Middletown sold out) and the band is better than ever. Their repetoire is large and unexpected songs pop up each tour.

A few years ago, I once asked George K. why the fuck do we follow this band all over the place. His answer, which I remember quite well, was "Because you never know when the last show will be". I don't know if I'm going to catch this "last" show, but I'm sure as heck will do my best to be there by going to multiple shows year after year. I saw 19 shows last year and hope to top that this year. This is the best band touring the country now, IMO.


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