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Posted by Michael Hernan on 04/02/02 - 09:40:09
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To whom I may . . .
  In another life I worked for Chet at the Family Dog for two weeks as a fill in assistant. I worked he evening  that KQED taped the Aiplane, Dead and Santana. I met the band coming to work and we all were crowded around  a rent-a-cop guarding the front door. The band emptied their Van, lineage long forgotten,  and I found myself face to face with the hesitating rent-a-cop, and shoulder to shoulder with Grace, who seemed to be looking at me with a question of "what are you going to do about it?". I remember I muttered some magic words and the stern face guard granted us entrance, albeit  with a degree of non-trusting reluctance. I distinctly remember saying "we're the band". Well, this just blew him away and right into a helpless state of mind in the middle of rent-a-cop land.
  I am seeking Ms. Slick's contact information, or more reasonably, I request that she be given my contact information so she can safely contact me should she be so inclined.
  The nature of the project requires subtantial discretion or I would divulge the essence of the matter here. I promise only that Ms. Slick will definitely be interested - whether she actually participates, well that is another matter. I will offer that Ms. Slick's travel requirements would be an absolute minimum, if any.
 Actually we all met in another performance at Speeedway Meadows. The band was between pieces, when a fight broke out behind the stage. Some of the audience was showing interest/concern in the melee and for some reason I found myself climbing the stairs in the rear of the stage and urged the Band to "get it on", which they did,  and the fight soon ended with both participants losers, if I recall accurately.
  The few gray cells I have left only allow a very select memory of important events, which I can't always remember to remember.

Thank you,

Michel Hernan
928 758 0007

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