Harvey Mandel's "Cristo Redentor"

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Posted by Stagfife on 04/02/02 - 05:00:03
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Harvey Mandel's "Cristo Redentor" album has indeed been released on CD. It is part of a double CD called "Harvey Mandel: The Mercury Years", which is a 1995 re-release of his first 3 solo albums (Cristo Redentor, Righteous, and Games Guitars Play). You can find out more about it at www.harveymandel.com. As far as the origin of the song "Cristo Redentor", the earliest version I know of is on the album "Stand Back! Here Comes Charley Musselwhite's South Side Band", where it is spelled "Christo Redemptor". There may be earlier versions, but none that I am aware of. Also, there is a version of the song "A Taste Of Honey" on a Barry Goldberg album featuring Harvey Mandel which sounds very similar to the song "Cristo Redentor".

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