Skreed: Or Drunken Faulkner-type Stream

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Posted by Roman on 04/02/02 - 01:12:03
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Courtesy of Boodles and Schweppes:

I'm sitting here after being with 300 guys (and one very "nice" drunk gal) watching Indiana University lose to the riot guys from the University of Maryland in the NCAA finals.  There are those of us who don't see such competition as being a.)inherently evil, or b.)irrelevant to The Human Need.  Oh, yeah, this was a gay bar in Indianapolis. EVERYONE gets into bball here.

There really is no great point to this post other than I somehow feel the need to unload on the ever-ready JS board. Not much different than much of Baxter's I suppose.  The communal attitude, the individualists trying like hell to figure out some common ground over beer (or herbal tea, Eth?), through drink or "substance" nk I'm connected.

A day in America
is like the mind of a schizoid beast
It's hell when free
And free when in hell.

That's a pretty negative thing I wrote a few years ago when I was in a "dark" mood.  Not quite as strong as reJoyce's, "I'd rather have my country die for me."  And I'm actually pretty ashamed that I've written it.  While true for many here, it seems to set America aside as some land that uniquely beats and discriminates its "lesser" people.  I know think of the arrested Egyptian boaters, fundamentalists of any land who ... well you get the picture.

If drink be a truth serum, I'm far more optimistic tonight about the world than I was earlier.

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