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Posted by Eth on 04/01/02 - 22:37:26
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That's why I resist generalizations on the whole.

One song on a record can be more important than another, a deeper process.  People can dislike 'country', but there can be a country song that really GET'S IT.  There can be a RAP that really GET'S IT--if you know how to appreciate it.  

Just because one doesn't enjoy ballet, it doesn't mean we can generalize it out of existence as an art form.  For some, it GET'S IT.  One ballet GET'S IT more than another.  Each creation is unique, each artist is unique..... artist by artist, show by show, song by song.  

I like to keep my receptivity absolutely open.

BUT, I think I will listen to my Perro #1, Cut 3,
on endless repeat.  That should sufficiently drive Ray wild.   Eth

That's OK, though---he's watching basketball.

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