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Posted by Cricket on 04/01/02 - 22:32:20
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You know, Goom, some of us DID catch & discuss those religious references (+ the 8 days to the Last Supper/transformation one, too)-- and you have no idea how carefully surveyed & explicated you were offline (well, as best we could)... but I so much prefer YOU --  in all your nutty, whimsical & utterly strange, unpredictable aspects -- to your seemingly normal (& so weird) W-7 creature ... I was hoping if we just seemed to "look away" a bit & feign disinterest...you'd come on out.  Which you did, & I'm glad, because I've missed you. (& p.s. We knew Robert was in on it too.  You have distinct voices!)

John's had that damn t-shirt ready for you for > 2 months now... & I'll happily "welcome you back with open arms..."  No American Express card, but your bar tab's covered, my friend, in perpetuity -- as long as W7 rests in peace.  Welcome, welcome back -


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