Confessions of a Dubya

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Posted by W7 on 04/01/02 - 20:56:50
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Since confession is good for the soul.  Then I'm going to make some serious confessions since nobody missed me after our Webmaster banned me for three
hours on that fateful day last year.  The W7 persona really took off when Webmaster unbannded me and I was mad over that.  I was angry.  I was Spitting Fire.  I was as Red as an Octopus.  I was a Dragon Fly orbiting the Earth.  I had a meltdown more powerful than Nuclear Furniture where the Winds of Change could not equal the violence of the Modern Times we live in. I wanted to prove that Webmaster couldn't keep me off A-Deck no matter how hard he tried.  I was planning to Bark all kinds of post just to prove a point.  I wanted to prove he had No Protection from me and that he was Knee Deep in Hoopla.  The Worst was yet to come in the form of Bathing in
Baxter's postings.  

To set the record straight the store where I work in.  I have access to a number of computers that are online at all times.  Each computer has its own IP so none of you could track me down and I could keep my W7 identity a secret.  With some help from my coworker/friend Zeiss (aka Robert) we were able to have a little fun with W7 character.  It was always a lot of fun to see what Kevin would write as a response.  My favorite Kevin responses were the Magnificent Seven and Guide to Dating on the Internet (does that ad really work Kevin?).  But all things must come to end.  Our dear A-Deck Cricket busted me at the Pete Sears show last month at New Georges about being W7.  Even though I never told her I was W7.  My wry grin gave me away
and we both knew it.          

I also wrote Malibu Barbie as a joke just to see what would happen.  Then I transformed into W7 because it had no meaning at all and hoped all of you would be wondering what cryptic meaning it had.  W7 was the Crown of my Creation, the Blessed Pointed Little Head of my imagination, the Takes Off  point for my Surrealistic Pillowtalk banter, the Long John Silver attention grabber for all of you A-Deck Volunteers.  It was my Early Flight Flight Log for 30 Seconds over A-Deck.  And nobody missed me.  Nobody yelled WELCOME BACK CALIFORNIA GOOMBAH.  None of you caught my religious references to rising from the Internet on the third day (your slipping Kevin).  You just went about your business and ignored me.  Only Kevin thought enough of me to respond even if it was in FUCKING LATIN.  The California Goombah is back.  Please welcome me  back with open arms and your American Express card.    

Yes, the California Goombah is back.  I have retired W7.  I will be at the Sweetwater on Thursday night to hold court with all of you.  And I would like to collect my prized FYWDW3 never worn tee shirt promised to me as a prize as well.  And I would like you all to pick up my bar tab as well.  I want you to celebrate my return as the Sensitive Goombah, the Butterfly Goombah, and all other Goombah's I personify. 

California Goombah
The A-Deck poster formerly known as W7

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