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Posted by Ethel on 04/01/02 - 18:37:40
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if y'all haven't already.  When I answered you in my Gazette post below............I thought maybe the removed , 'mom' perspective might show what the general run of music folks were thinkin' at the time.

But I am different than you Amm., in that I WOULD
change the station if they were playin' "We Built".....but our son, Ben, thinks I'm very predjudiced in that.  He has FOND memories of many JS pop tunes of that period.  Each to his own, really.

Part of it has to do with WHEN we were young---and
what music accompanied our journey at the time.
I don't think we can , or should, be objective about these things.  We can only share our multi-various experiences.  

My favorite period is always NOW.

And, YES, I think artists are incredibly different from one another in every detail.

Paul and Grace are incomparable artists. IMNSHO

Oh well, anyway...
"comparisons are odious."
Oscar Wilde

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