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Posted by Rush on 04/01/02 - 17:34:12
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I liked your post so much that it inspired me to share a little joke with a friend.  I owe her a payback on a Jefferson Joke that she had played on me several months ago.  She of course is an adent Dead Head and Phish Phan.  so I sent her the news below.  She istrying to find out more about it and of course I directed her here.  I told her this is from a posting on the board.  SORRY MEG, I was only joking.


Members of the Grateful Dead and Phish have announced plans for an upcoming joint American tour covering at least 18 cities this summer.  The tour has been organized by founding PETA member Jerry Peloquin in order to raise additional funds for this once thriving charitable organization.   PETA has been rocked by both scandals and lawsuits over the last few years.  Peloquin claims that the Twin Towers attack and subsequent funding of supporting charities has left PETA in dire consequences.

The tour consists of the remaining Grateful Dead members minus founder Jerry Garcia (who passed away more than six (6) years ago) along side of their not so famous counterparts Phish.  Ironically, the latter band had found much of it's success after Garcia passed away and the Dead stopped touring.  The "Smells like Dead-Phish" tour (as it's being called) is being scheduled around several previously scheduled commitments by various band members; most of whom have been actively touring under different names, groups, etc.  

"We've been away for too long and the thought of playing with the Dead is more than we could have hoped for," said Trey Anastasio of Phish.  Additionally, there will be a "liquid light show" behind the bands at the larger venues.  The scheduled dates and venues will be announced shortly.  Grateful Dead drummer Micky Hart says "We're really looking forward to this and hope that we can help PETA."

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