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Posted by Ammianus Marcellinus on 04/01/02 - 17:32:54
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You said:

"Certainly more vital, interesting & satisfying to musicians & fans than that insufferable mannequin of a band that was so knee deep in hoopla ... it couldn't sell 3 tickets with a number one hit!"

Oh, sure, but what puzzles me is that I can't figure out what paradigm of taste allows a whole sub-clique of fans to dismiss Mickey Thomas while praising the works of the band that made him part of the team.  Are they really all that different?

I guess it's maybe that I work on a different formulation of taste -- instead of "vital, interesting, and satisfying" vs. "mannequin," I'm thinking narrowly in terms of "interesting" vs. "not interesting."  I can't claim to be interested in Mickey Thomas' singing -- or in John Barbata's drumming or Craig Chaquico's guitar, either.  But I don't think I would change the station in disgust if I were hearing any of that stuff on "classic rock" radio, even "We Built This City," esp. given that I usually listen to "classic rock" radio _while driving_.  So it's the "satisfying" thing that I'm not reading.

As I said before, new JS (JS/ The Next Generation) interests me much more than old JS, simply because new JS exists to invoke JA in order to conjure up something that was trying to be born in JA (and which stirs in every note of JA's stuff)... going further with something that was in the cooker with BATE and Sunfighter, and trying to be born with the 1982 PERRO album.  (Would that the original PERRO team had assembled for the '82 album!)

Most of that fun stuff, I'll admit, has to do with the vision and poetry of one Paul Kantner... a cool guy to be sure, but a guy who made a living with a '70s and early '80s band that doesn't really engage my interest in his stuff, an interest that is currently being greatly amplified in his fun screenplayesque novel-in-progress.

(Hey, I teach, Paul performs music, so we make a living.  But there's more to it than that, of course...)

When the Earth moves again, my friend...

(thus my questions about '79 - '81, when to my experience the Earth definitely moved... but hey, if y'all so resolutely identified with "old wave," maybe I'll drop it...)

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