"I'm not gonna be like everybody else ...

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Posted by Mission Control on 04/01/02 - 16:19:31
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... because I'm not like everybody else."
               - Ray Davies

I love ice cream ... doesn't mean I love every flavor.  I love Jefferson Starship ... doesn't mean I love every spandex/hairband/pop singing wannabe, that built his city on the fifteen minutes of fame he got by singing with legends like Paul & Grace.  

"Fooled Around & Fell In Love" was 27 years ago - Mickey's got strong pipes, but I find it creepy that his entire career since Elvin Bishop has been spent mollusking off the formidable rock legacy that Paul, Marty et al built - AND - as is evidenced by this board & a growing concert schedule ... growing repertoire ... and indefatigueable fanbase & propulsion system - seems as or more musically vital than it ever has.
Certainly more vital, interesting & satisfying to musicians & fans than that insufferable mannequin of a band that was so knee deep in hoopla ... it couldn't sell 3 tickets with a number one hit!

The man at the helm ... the Baron in the hightower (just kidding PK) ... has such a well developed sense of equanimity & fairplay ... that he disapproves of my anti-Mickey postings.  But I say: "Give me English pounds & Eskino sense," & take no prisoners.  Tim Gorman once called me a zealot in the service of JS ... as Bart Simpson says: "Proud of it dude!"

If you're gonna do something right, then you have to believe in what you're doing.  We all know when the musicians are 'going for it,' or when they're just 'phoning (phonying) it in.'  This bunch has always put it on the line ... right Chris Hager? ... right Dave Lerner? ... right the rest of you ardent shipmates?  How expansive has the repertoire become ... & it's still evolving.

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