NOT stuck in Iceland... just got back.....

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Posted by Liz on 04/01/02 - 10:58:32
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just in time for next weeks shows.....

Watched the sun rise the other morning, listening to PERRO I,
while gazing out the window of a 757 cruising at 544 mph over the north atlantic,
enroute to Reykjavick, Iceland... What a nice way to start the day!!

Exploration of the town revealed that the tallest structure
is the bell tower of a church that looks amazingly like a 1950's style rocket ship...
Would be a great place for a JS3C meeting... Hijack the Starship?  Hijack the CHURCH!!!
Reached the top of the tower just in time to hear the bells ring out the quarter hour.... quite LOUDLY, I might add....

That sound balanced out the morning musical adventure at the National Museum
where we experienced the sound sculpture installation, "Diabolus" by Finnbogi Pétursson.

"The Diabolus Tone consists of the intersection of two seperate tones, one produced by a loudspeaker reverberating under and in the organ pipe and the other by an air pump intermittently blowing through the pipe; both tones form a heavy interference wave of 17Hz. In medieval times it was understood that there was something develish, diabolical and disordering about this dark tone and was subsequently censored and banned by the Catholic Church."

However, the best of the Iceland adventure
was floating in the milky blue geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon,
followed by dinner at a fine restaurant where the entre selections were:
lobster & steak, lamb, horse steak or rabbit.... what would YOU choose???

As this is the Chinese year of the horse,
and as I was born in the year of the horse...
and because the waitress told me it was excellent...  
I dined on peppered horse steak with wild mushrooms,
followed by chocolate truffles & snow berries, black coffee & icelandic schnapps (aka Black Death).
It was the most extradorinary meal of my life.

And now I am back in Minneapolis where it is cold & snowing
and my furnace is not working... this must be an April Fools joke from GOD.....

Signing Off, and Looking Forward to the Next Adventure!!!  Liz

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