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Posted by Cricket on 04/01/02 - 10:24:22
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I promise I'll come back to this when not in a hurry to[never mind]. Billy Cobham was great!  What a show!  Everyone else in fine form too (more on this later)... Too brief!

Special treat:  I had the great pleasure of meeting Art in person (so nice!) & wish him & the band the "Chimp-Free Tour" they're hoping for... [Note to PETA-folk: It's not a tour to free the chimps]

Here's the link to the Billy Cobham/Spectrum Tour Page.  If they're within a few hundred miles of where you live, GO!  Really a wonderful show...

p.s.  It's not true that "You can't rush Art."  he moves very quickly!
(Nice meeting you, Artski)

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