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Posted by Sue on 04/01/02 - 08:48:04
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I have heard that tannins are co-conspirators in the headache Eth indicated, a hit or miss...I, too have found that the price generally is an indicator for me-for some reason...probably, age, I have learned that wine can't be consumed in copious amounts (like beer-as we did in Chico).

I have also seen(through observation) that the rules of what wine to serve with what occasion is a hit or miss.  It can get particularly interesting even to the point of what type of glass you are using(ie. wine stem is a certain length...with reds you want to hold the glass not by the stem but cradled in your hand to warm the bouquet...)but then I have also seen people ice a good cabernet and I quietly giggle.  Everyone has their own preference and that is what makes us all fun in all of us having the same opinion.

A great winery in Castro Valley-Chouinard is a hidden gem...also have great things scheduled from Spring through Fall.

Bye, for now!

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