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Posted by John Murray on 04/01/02 - 04:18:36
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The New Beatles are Coming!!!

Julian Lennon, Dhani Harrison, Sean Lennon, James McCartney, & Zak  
Starkey... sons of the Beatles, forming new generation pop group with  
heavy US & UK session players. Never-before-recorded songs from the  
private archives of George Harrison and John Lennon will be featured  
material along with scores of new songs already written by primary  
songwriters Julian, Dhani, and Sean in this new incarnation of the  

Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, and Olivia Harrison are very  
excited, give their blessings and are currently in talks about the  
yet-to-be-named "New Beatles." Yoko has also agreed to let Paul  
switch the credits for "Yesterday" to McCartney-Lennon, from  
Lennon-McCartney, as it was really Paul's composition after all  
(scrambled eggs, and all that...), in a gesture of good faith. Julian  
and Sean have been spotted in New York several times recently,  
apparently also writing songs together. Talk is that their two-part  
harmonies are very haunting and heavily Lennon-esque. The  
Julian-Dhani songwriting collaborations at the Harrison mansion in  
England are said to be nothing short of extraordinary.

The "New Beatles" plan on entering the studio later this summer to  
record a new record with a world tour planned for the fall. George  
Martin has agreed to produce the "New Beatles" at Abbey Road Studios  
in London. Both Paul and Ringo will guest on the new record with no  
plans for any live dates at this time. Ravi Shankar has also  
expressed interest in playing on one Dhani Harrison track and  
longtime Beatles sideman, Billy Preston will both guest on the record  
and live tour.

Michael Jackson is also seriously considering selling back the  
publishing to the Beatles in exchange for a guest spot on the  
upcoming record. Jackson purportedly will get back three times what  
he originally paid for the Beatles catalog. Paul has secretly said  
that "no matter how much money we pay off to the gloved-wonder, I'll  
do everything in my power to keep him off this record." Sparks are  
apparently still flying since that Nike "Revolution" commercial in  

An undisclosed statement has surfaced through Apple that this will  
not be a "rubbish retro band," but rather a whole new pop group with  
great songs and wonderful harmonies and a strong rock foundation. The  
boys will pick up where their famous fathers left off.

When the McCartney tour is over, the $350 million pre-hype campaign will begin.

Stay tuned for updates, news & leaks from the New Beatles.


Deadhead killed by tape collection

By Brad Weiner

SAN FRANCISCO -- Grateful Dead fans everywhere were saddened by the  
death of Sunny Moonflower, a 45-year-old fan who was crushed by the  
weight of his own tape collection last Thursday.

According to the police report, neighbors in his apartment complex  
heard a loud crash and then nothing at all.

"I heard a loud crash and then nothing at all," said Sarah  
Bienvenidos, a Bay Area demolition expert. When the body was  
discovered a few hours later by friends who had come by to "rip the  
bong," they found their friend suffocated underneath a pile of  
Grateful Dead tapes.

The now defunct band allowed their audience members to record  
concerts, and some fans amassed enormous collections. Moonflower's  
collection was said to be anywhere between "gnarly" and "kick-ass."

"The thing that gets me," said a crying friend who wanted to remain  
anonymous, "is that the tape lodged in his throat was a killer show  
from '75. Jerry (Garcia) played some mindmelters that night. Sunny  
would have been glad to suffocate on that show."

The tragedy sparked political finger-pointing in Washington, D.C.  
Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., dressed entirely in black, said, "The death  
of Sunny Moonflower must not go unnoticed. We need to legislate  
against any further media related injuries."

The comment loosely referred to the Boston area child who got his  
tongue stuck in a DVD player two weeks ago.

Moonflower's funeral was celebrated with a traditional hippie  
farewell of bongo drumming and tie-dye flags in the streets of San  
Francisco. Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. decided not to declare a city  
holiday because "he was a dumb ass who got killed by his tapes. What  
do you want from me? A statue?"

Deadheads everywhere tried to get on with their lives by returning to  
work Friday. Moonflower's longtime pizza delivery man, who goes by  
the name Puck, said, "It is sad that he won't order any more vegan  
pies or soy-based Pepsi, but I have to move on. People still get the  


David Crosby Decries Britney Spears

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Veteran rocker David Crosby isn't universally  
impressed with what he calls the "shiny and new" in the music world.

Crosby, 60, took a break from his "Tour of America" with longtime  
bandmates Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and Neil Young to assess the  
music scene.

"There's some good people out there, but there's a lot of fluff  
(too)," Crosby said. "Things like 'N Sync (news - web sites) and  
Britney (Spears). These people are about as deep as a birdbath."

Crosby also said there seems to be a prejudice against old-timers by  
the media, even though the band, which formed in 1968, got a good  
review from Rolling Stone after its show in New York.

"They really don't even like having people like us still around,"  
Crosby said. "They want to sell the newest product."


Shana Morrison: Billboard's artist of the day

When Shana Morrison was a teenager, she didn't dream of becoming a
professional singer, because she thought it would only serve to fulfill
other people's expectations. Now, with the April 2 release of her Vanguard
album "7 Wishes," Morrison -- the daughter of legendary musician Van
Morrison -- has fully come into her own as an artist.

"I've always liked to sing, and I'd write my own songs," Morrison says, "But
I always got annoyed when people said, 'Oh, you're going to be just like
your dad or your mom [who is also a songwriter].' What teenager wants to be
like their parents? But it turned out that I really enjoyed it."

That enjoyment is evident on "7 Wishes," an eclectic mix of pop, rock, and
blues. In addition to Morrison's original compositions, there are two tracks
penned by her father.

On "Smoke in Bed," the first single, the artist passionately sings about a
romance that defies logic. The song has a catchy hook that's accompanied by
strong guitars and percussion.

A special treat on the project is "Sometimes We Cry," a Van Morrison song
that features the icon on backing vocals and harmonica. While the recording
of the track and the inclusion of Morrison's father was truly last minute,
the result is a stunning collaboration.

Morrison says of the track, "We finished recording ahead of schedule one
day, and [producer] Steve [Buckingham] and I had been talking about the song
earlier. He said, 'Let's just try it today and see what happens.' We decided
to keep it. I love [my dad's] songs, and he thinks it's cool that I sing

Morrison got her start as a musician when her father asked her to join his
1993 Rhythm and Soul Revue tour as a featured artist. From there, she went
on to form the band Caledonia and focus her energies on Bay Area club dates.

The group released a self-titled album in 1997 on Morrison's Belfast Violet
label. The project was reissued by Monster Music in '99. Between these
endeavors, she also collaborated with blues slide guitarist Roy Rogers on
1999's "Everybody's Angel" (Roshan Records).

Morrison is planning to do a six-week tour surrounding the release date. In
June and July, she will tour overseas. She will likely do another U.S. tour
this summer.

much more info @


Review from

Shana Morrison
"7 Wishes"
Genre: pop
reviewed by Elizabeth White

The apple didn't fall far from the tree. It's probably handy for  
Shana Morrison that her father is Van Morrison, but eventually even  
people with famous parents have to sink or swim on there own. Shana  
not only swims on her new CD "7 Wishes", she flys. Some tracks have a  
Van-esque lilt to them, but it is subtle and mixes in nicely among  
the layers of originality. Shana combines clean, strong vocals,  
sophisticated melodies, and genre-bending hooks for an impressive  
debut album.

Source: 2002 Punmaster's MusicWire

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