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Posted by E on 04/01/02 - 01:35:10
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I had heard that, too, about sulfites, but Ray says he's heard much about it and doesn't believe, from what he's heard, that that's the main factor.  Most salad bars contain a lot more sulfites than one gets in some wine.

He has heard more that it may be the tannins---similar to those found in aged cheeses. But I kind of like the tannin factor in a heavy red, and it has often not bothered me a bit.  I can almost taste by a SIP of red, if its the BAD kind,
but I can't tell you why.

Whites are MUCH more predictable---but a really
cheap, bad one will still be an enemy. When they say 'wine snob', it's probably more that if you enjoy wine as a beverage of choice, you almost have to get to know how to select it for cost and quality.  There are so many choices. Jeeeesh.

so--the discussion continues.  

But SUE, you're right----you may serve me Stag's Leap anytime.

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