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Posted by (Diaper) GENIE CONTROL on 03/31/02 - 18:39:42
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... so what'll it be C?  

Richard & Linda?
Ancient JA?
The Who ... Dylan ... Nat King Cole (I'm not kidding) ... Robert Nesta Marley.

I have been collecting music for 30 years ... 27 of which I've been on the job, so I have leg up so to speak.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) my trading days are over ... I collect diapers now ... 718 & counting ... my little Baboooooo (not a mispelling) is growing!!!!!

So - I figure ... 'CONTESTS' ... there's another one up today if you look carefully.

I'm happy to share my bounty ... time permitting - so ... there'll be plenty more contests.

As the knight guarding the Holy Grail says to Indy: "Choose wisely!"

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