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Posted by Mission Control on 03/31/02 - 18:24:31
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... made me an instant fan.  Bill Nelson was exploring the limits of phase 90, flange & envelope filters, years ahead of Eddie V - & with a similar panache to Daniel Lanois.  Remember folks: This is where & with whom U2's The Edge developed is 'sound.'  Add your basic Kantnerian/Crosbian penchant for open tunings (Joni got it from Cros ... PK got it from Appalachy/dulcimer voicings ... where did the Hawaiin slack-key masters get it from.  You'd think it was brought over by the Mexican paniolos who were imported to work the huge Big Osland ranches ... but the late great Gabby Panui claims
it was by trial & error in an attempt to emulate the Polynesian folks songs of their ancestors.

But I digress ... Be-Bop Deluxe were on their way to becoming a major concert attraction in the late 1970's, but Bill Nelson lost interest in what then appeared to be a 'backward-looking' sound ... what with nihilism inbedded punk rock ... & the so called New Wave.  One listen to Television's "Marquee Moon" would have convinced him he was onto something.  The late great Lester Bangs said of them: (pp) "Don't tell anyonem but their recycling Jefferson Airplane & Byrds riffs to a new generation.  Bill Nelson's first post-BBD offering included the nominal hit single "Japam," but nothing of any significance of his has reached these shores in twenty years.  He also used to remind me of Todd R ... check out the similarity between Be Bop's "Sister Seagul" & Todd's "Black Mariah."

Isn't recorded music wonderful!

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