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Posted by Eth on 03/31/02 - 17:41:17
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--I have really always enjoyed all versions of that, and have heard Mandel play it recently
two or three times--once with Musslewhite, Borbridge, at the Club Muse in El Cerrito, California.  Got into it every time.  a little different always.   This jazz version today was
aonderful.  Find out, too, if ya can, if there are any OTHER wonderful jazz, or other, recordings Christo Redemptor.

And lets get some versions out to Christo!!!
He really has to have this tune..... I'll work on it.  Your Village music guy said Christo Redemptor, Harvey's album, is NOT available on CD!!!!!   So maybe we have to send a RECORD.
Christo---do you have a turntable???

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