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Posted by John Murray on 03/31/02 - 16:51:38
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Blows Against the Empire from Microsoft
[the evil empire]

want to hear a sample of next weeks songbook? [i do]
need to hear some to remember how to play it?
stuck in iceland, and will have to miss the next few shows?
have new computer speakers that need a good testing?
need to punish your cat with a major Audio blast?

this may help everybody, near and far.

******cut and paste this URL into browser*********

push link with musical note to "play sample clips"
you will hear a 5 min soundcollage of the 1970 award-winning epic.

[does not sound as good as a clear vinyl copy!]
                    hope it works on a mac too.

i think MC should be the first one to review it
if time allows.

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