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Posted by Egirl on 03/31/02 - 13:14:10
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That's just the way the world of Real people seems when they are exposed daily on a website.

That's what people are like: busy, lonely, on and off meds, using drugs of choice, dire family problems, financial difficulty, intractable medical stuff.

I do think defining one's relationship to this
world takes a bit of time and experience. I've spoken to others, since my "illness", who have had various internet involvements, intrigues,
experiences....mostly facinating and improbable.

I think a bit of a conflict arises in dividing
one's time well-between different communities, and personal interests and relationships.

For instance, my coffee and this chair are pretty damn comfortable right now.  And it's certainly a joy speaking to a whole possible room of Net friends while still in one's bathrobe. What could be funner??

Well-I AM starting the Garden today and THAT is just as fun.  Don't worry all--I always wax verbose on the early part of my vacation.  Gotta
get those 2000 words in somehow.

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