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Posted by Eth on 03/31/02 - 12:52:10
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Ray having attended Winterland, and all SF shows a LOT, during the late sixties, and introducing me to everything--that was when the love of music was established  forever in our realtionship--accompanied by Pillow --as our wedding album, and on down the line.

BUT then disaster went plastic!

Yes...Disco played whether you wanted it to or not, with the John Travolta dance craze behind it.
Ray and I were crying and whining about NO MUSIC throughout the period of the seventies.

So we learned to disco---there seemed nothing funner to do!  This giant drought period, as we perceived it, came when we were so busy with child rearing, and establishing Ray's business, we were only responding to what was coming over loud and clear.

However--The DEAD--were, as ever vital and DOING IT, throughout that period, which further established our respect for their creativity.
We did not go to shows with the little ones-----
but there were the tapes, headphones, etc.
We awaited the RE ENTRY af any meaningful music.

The period you discuss, was perhaps doubly vivid,
due to the contrast.  Because the floodgates did open back up, and I remember being relieved and happy.  I don't remember the specific years of anything---

But it's almost like B.S. and A.S. (seventies)

Seems like a few artists could be followed
throughout---Van, Bob, Joni--independent artists.

But we did love LOTS of music from the later period.  That's when we really started seeking out and collecting all kinds of stuff again. What years did we start going from vinyl to TAPES?

We met a new friend last night---I will have to call VINYL MAN.  He has the largest vinyl collection of anyone in my aquaintaince---and he has Love and Theft on vinyl--and this whole new craze about vinyl again is an odd one.  (?)

We heard a Japanese Percussion Only group--- performing Bizet's Carmen, the soundtrack from the Last Temptation(Holiday motif, ha), Mickey's 73 percussion record with Flora and Aierto,

and Pete Sears--the Long Haul!
we brought THAT.

Enjoy the rebirth of beauty and love today,

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