Perhaps we'll be voting for ourselves.........

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Posted by Eth on 03/31/02 - 12:01:39
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I think a film should be made which is nothing but shots of people constantly rising in different settings to post angry, thoughtful, and hilarious messages on a vtal hippie-based music board.  Like the Cricket Cam---but more like the Everyone Cam----and then it veers into reality, with numbers of dramatic and unexpected occurances.  Or back and forth from real occurances to virtual ones, ending up dog knows where, and with what possible intention!

Now doesn't that sound like a good candidate for our next year's Oscar Entry!

And we'll fill out our Whole form, and Everything!
Lookout C-girl, we're on your tail!!!!

Now who should we seek out to play Paul??

And don't get me started on the soundtrack--it would be so vastly referential, like a continuous

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