JA on the Archers (UK interest only perchance)

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Posted by Christo on 03/31/02 - 05:55:25
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Jefferson Airplaine was mentioned in the Archers this morning (the BBCs radio soap opera which has run for 50 years, set in rural England) - UK Deckers will appreciate the enormity of the event.
Admittedly it was referring to bad hairstyles - Linda Snell said her friend couldn't wear her hair long anymore as she had reached a "certain age" and she thought she had started "to look like a member of Jefferson Airplane."
I can see the sound of retired colonals and members of the WI spilling their kedgeree and eggs benedict on their Sunday morning breakfasts saying "Jefferson ....what? - the BBC ...mutter mumble.....standards slipping...mumble mutter"

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