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Posted by Mike on 03/31/02 - 01:34:39
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By now you will have read PK's post above on this stuff. I think many Old Wave (JS did a show w/ a banner reading "Old Wave," maybe the Vietnam Vet thing)-anyway, lots of Classic Rock types seem to have tightened up their recording style between 77 and 79. Disco influence may have influenced a more metronomic drum style, for better or worse, and many bands seem to have mastered their records to seem louder and more in-your-face. Guitars more distorted and metally and less laid-back. "Freedom" has lots of classic PK songs,thus is "old wave" I suppose, but it seems to me much louder and punkier than "Earth." This is all subjective of course. BTW never mind that PK hired Mickey instead of Maria Schneider, at least he didn't go nuts and hire the freakin' Buggles like Yes did when they replaced Jon Anderson!-Mike

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