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Posted by Cricket on 03/31/02 - 00:11:30
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I just walked in the door, having stayed with friends the last couple of days, & came straight online to A-Deck (of course)... & MC'S announcement & this thread of messages is what I find...

& I keep checking to see if they're really here...

I'm still thinking this is a mistake, a joke, or a dream -- But having sat here & stared at all your  messages for several minutes now... OK, the truth is: for at least 25 minutes, speechless...(& noticing that the posts are still here if I look away from the monitor & then look back)... I am beginning to realize how INCREDIBLY WHOOPING EXCITED I AM!!!!

The prize is so amazing to contemplate, I can't (yet).  I keep trying to sneak up on it, but --

This level of astonishment actually gives off heat.

Besides a big grin of thanks for the sweet & funny congrats from M.C., Paul S, Mike, Melissa, Indigo, Eth, & Zeiss...picture me bright blazing pink (same shade found somewhere on every monkey), refusing to get out of my seat, shaking my head,"YOU'RE KIDDING!!? NO! A MISTAKE!! REALLY?? etc."... and then mutely & perhaps insanely conducting all these little reality-tests...


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