The years '79-81

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Posted by Ammianus Marcellinus on 03/30/02 - 21:11:40
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The most pivotal years of my life... years when I started to listen to JA, tho' I never saw them 'til the reunion tour played for free at Golden Gate Park in '89.  I started listening to pop music and buying albums seriously around the beginning of '79.  Memories pre- '79 are much less distinct than memories post '79.  My LSD-taking period reached its peak in '81, graduation from high school June 1980, moving out of the house, political awareness, exploration of the world... triumph of Reagan, end of the '70s, beginning of the "move to the right"... prob. the _best_ years of my life, tho' some of the reasons for why this is so are lodged in political economy (which is why I argue so much).  After '81 ended, the world was never really the same, though it was the same in some rather really disappointing ways.  At any rate, I'm wondering if the music that happened during this time won't function as an oracle and reveal to me what happened and why then.

What does PK think about that era?

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