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Posted by Mike on 03/30/02 - 19:19:19
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Possibly off-topic a bit, but I already touched on the live music of that time, so here goes-My Favorite 79-81 Live Events (which I will change my mind about in five minutes, eh):Best Avante-Garde:Blue Humans/Love of Life Orchestra @ Tier 3, NY. Best Blues Jam: Papa John Creach Band & James Cotton Band @ Lone Star Cafe. Weird scene: Zappa as dj @ Mudd Club, Jan.'80. The Who were great @ the Garden in Fall 79, and I am one of those who LOVED seeing PK bopping all over the stage @ Palladium Nov.79. Debbie Harry & Chris Stein sat in w/ James White aka Contortions @ Hurrah around then. Hard to believe I'm a Deadhead huh? Anyway this is really endless. Thanks for encouraging me A.M. -Mike

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