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Posted by Sue on 03/30/02 - 17:02:34
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I lived in the Bay Area for 20 yrs. and loved every minute of it.  We moved to N. Va in fall of '98...nice, but not the same as N. Ca.  This is very much the South, here.

I am a Chico graduate and I lived in Clayton before moving here.  I remember quite well the initiative to reduce class size...the same growth that was experienced in N. Ca because of the growth in Silicon Valley is happening here in N. Va.  All the same symptoms-major traffic, cookie cutter homes, and worst of all crowded schools.  Because of the growth and how quickly it has occured, the infrastructure simply can't handle the load.  Everyone suffers...mostly the kids!

I saw the J.S. in November at the State Theatre...the show was marvelous and quite a release after our situation at the Pentagon-it was nice to absorb the music and tune out the news-Yes, the water is in the well!

Have a great weekend-
P.S.- I have 35 in 4th!

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