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Posted by Sue on 03/30/02 - 08:41:18
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Hi Eth-
We ended our grading period on Thursday and I have been swamped trying to get things wrapped up before our break.

I appreciate your is funny how a comment on color can generate so many responses with emotion...see how we are all traveling down memory lane to that time when we were younger.

I generate many responses on papers, too.  What I find myself doing a lot of the time is quickly having short conversations with the kids...seeing what they're thinking, especially if they aren't on the correct track.  

I have fourth grade...I have always felt this is a year that the children really begin to sink or swim with their work...leading to those quick conversations to keep on top of them.

What really gets my kids going...they want to sit at my table(not really a desk, because how often do we really sit at a desk?)  I am finding that the boys aren't too excited with stickers, unless of course, they are sports related.  I, too, could go on and on...but out of respect for everyone else...I will close out-Have fun with your class-Our field trips to D.C have finally been approved! Enjoy your weekend! Sue

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