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Posted by Ammianus Marcellinus on 03/30/02 - 08:24:04
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One question:

So what do you think should be added to this list?

keeping in mind the guidelines:

1) each record's release date '79, '80, or '81 -- this constituted an "era" in pop music (the "cusp of the '80s"), after the New Wave fashions in English music hit the US market basically, and before the whole thing got to be terribly old with the decline of many of the bands I listed.

2) should be pop music with some inflection of New Wave

3) should have fairly good stuff to listen to -- i.e. the album should be an example of creativity.

Some speculations:

Lennon/ Ono: Double Fantasy -- don't know if it fits the pattern of New Wave.  I tend to think of Yoko Ono as Old Wave even if she's avant-garde.

Blondie: Parallel Lines -- don't have much of an attachment to her voice, so I haven't bought this album.

Gary Numan: The Pleasure Principle -- all I remember is the hit single "Cars"

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: Damn The Torpedoes -- don't know this album well enough.  "Refugee" qualifies -- do the other songs?

Devo: Are We Not Men?  (or whatever) -- Devo has fun individual songs, but their albums weren't good all the way through.

Joe Jackson: I'm The Man -- I'll probably include this on the list, even though there's something _routine_ about Joe Jackson, can't put my finger on it...

The Selecter, English Beat, etc. -- just not that familiar with them.

(This thread should provide a short break from the usual diet of '60s and early '70s music usually discussed on this board.  IMHO this was the "other" creative phase of pop music, although not as long-lasting.  '65-'71 was of course the bigger Old Wave.)

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