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Posted by Paul S. on 03/29/02 - 17:14:09
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The depth of his creativity and expression is immeasurable. Today he could walk into any bar and nobody would notice him. I met this Jamaican(sp?) conga player at a jam last night. You want to talk about passion...he had lots to say...we agreed times are rough today and it's not as easy to "get together" great bands because among other things, the world has gone comepletely mad, and these kids coming up are seriously screwed up. All you can do is hang in there. Jimi's music would have had heavy spiritual overtones. He had a message. He was going to learn to read and write music to pass it on to the next level. He was a monster on the guitar(he scared Eric)Clapton in my opinion was more profiient and really knew his stuff. Jimi learned from the early masters on the road as a side man. When Chas Chandeler brought him to the UK and let him do his thing, it was clear to all that heard him he was from another planet.  A quote fro Little Richard: "Jimi gave it all to ya...and thats what you want...all or none...sometimes his guitar be playin hoooweee-hooooweeee, and it sounds so good it makes by big toe shoot way up into my boot";)

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