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Posted by Jim Brent on 03/29/02 - 10:03:53
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1) European countries have high taxes, low productivity and its wealthiest residents maintain citizenship elsewhere - smart move.
2)  No poor person has ever offered me a job.
3)  No poor person has ever founded a charity hospital, art museum or symphony orchestra.
4)  The 'rest of us' (middle class) far outnumber the super rich; that's why we're taxed to death, which keeps us from prospering enough to rise to the next level.  (ex.  I could have invested the money I've pumped into Social Security a hell of a lot better than the govt. has)
5)  Because the U.S. is so generous with foreign aid, we've put up with recessions and slow growth while many of our own citizens lack health insurance.  Most of our loans to other countries never get paid back, and few of our 'allies' remember our past generosity when we need help.

Again, I think Hendrix would be doing the type of jazz-fusion that Jeff Beck or King Crimson does in concert today - taking on some challenges and rarely playing his old stuff  (except bringing out new arrangements of "Watchtower" and "P. Haze" as encores to keep the audience happy)
Clapton's work since OCEAN BLVD (1974) has become progressively less interesting.  Repetitious blues riffs - returning to musical "roots" often indicates a creative dry spell.   I hope he snaps out of it one day.

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