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Posted by Cricket on 03/29/02 - 08:37:00
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Hey, Jerald -- welcome!  It'll be nice to meet you.  Now that it's clear there ARE 2 shows, starting @7:00p, my plan is to try to get to SW by 5-5:30 & meet up w/E&R et al. as soon as we all can get there. The more of us who're early, the better; it becomes hard for 1 person to reserve 2 or 3+ tables as others arrive & your own pack hasn't shown up yet... (do you hear echoes of the past?)

Sweetwater staff are very gracious about letting true earlybirds stay inside (not wait outside in line), but you need to have been there VERY EARLY & ordering from the bar, etc. (SW also sells food.)  If you're roosting by yourself at a table till others show up & you want to run down to La Ginestra for pizza, you can place a napkin over the top of your full glass of whatever & this tells them not to take it & that you're coming back... I guess I'll let you figure out how to use the restroom yourself...

Look forward to meeting you!  
Will be on the LAM, #11...

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