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Posted by E on 03/29/02 - 00:34:47
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Depends a bit on your constitution.  I love reds-but being a past migraine sufferer-reds are trickier.  If the red is of a particular breed---it WILL cause the headache, even with minimal consumption.  Expensive helps to make a headache less probable, but not a guarantee!  You have to learn the wines that are FAB by trial and error.
Not a horrible pastime.

Whites are less likely to do me in, and there are just as many great ones to choose from.  Again,
I find that expensive ------ or I really just mean
good quality ------ is the insurance. Living by the Napa Valley and being married to Ray, also
ups the probability that I will never have a headache!!!!!

Ray says:
A few aspirin before consumption is not a bad program to follow, as well as chasing all wine with equal parts water.  Homeostasis--or something like that.  Right, Scot?   AND all this science for a little bit of FUN.

"Fun is the only reason for having a good time"

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