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Posted by Ammianus Marcellinus on 03/28/02 - 14:59:54
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A) It's hard to imagine Hendrix as disco.  Funk possibly, disco no.  Had Hendrix survived into the late '70s, we would have heard folk-blues-rock-funk of a completely original kind.  Remember Miles' observation that Hendrix was kind of a hillbilly.

B) Clapton's "genius" is appreciated by fewer people than Hendrix because, IMHO, he's less of a genius even with his longer lifespan.  I can't imagine that dying in '71 would have changed that.

C) "Supply-side economics" was a gimmick-notion popularized by the Reagan Administration, which created lots of $72,000/year defense industry jobs, and which "bankrupted the country" on said "defense" spending.  Nobody really believed it then, nobody believes it now, otherwise it would have prevented the recession of the late '80s.  Most of the world is in recession today, as the elites continue to swill at the "supply-side" trough.

Jack wouldn't have done anything that LBJ didn't do, although Jack would have been less effective than LBJ in getting George Wallace to acquiesce in the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

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