Alice or John?

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Posted by Christo on 03/28/02 - 06:09:30
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Are we talking the extraordinary harpist, pianist, fusionist colleague of Santana, Alice Coltrane, or her horn playing hubby John?

Funny - to me - John Coltrane has dated to my ears - soloing for 20 mins and attempting to acheive Nirvana with the sax just sounds a tedious racket to me now. I prefer Charles Lloyd - compared endlessly with Coltrane but coz he did the hippy circuit was always devalued. He is less po-faced-heavy too. His records today have that maturity that Coltrane never lived long enough to find. His ;latest Hyperion with Higgins is a stunner.
I'd say the same about Pharoah Sanders.
I think John Coltrane is deified too much coz of dying and not getting old.
All this is I.M.VeryveryH.Opinion of course...
Mind you I think as I sai before - as a listening experience I nearly always prefert the refiners to the innovators.

And now we enter the dying at the right time argument where we've been before including highlights like
1. Would Hendrix have gotten into funk in 75? Would he 've turned into a boring old fart? - talking of whome...
2. What if Clapton had died in 71?
3. Would Kennedy've evolved into LBJ had he lived , thus making no difference whatsoever?

do the Who still sing "Hope I die before I get old" ?

When I saw John Sebastian he sang Darlin Be Home Soon and when he sang the verse - "And now...a quarter of my life has almost passed" then stopped and went "er... kind of" gesture with his hand with a sheepish shrug. Brought the house down.

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