p.s. loose association: Billy Cobham 3/31 Yoshi's

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Posted by Cricket on 03/27/02 - 23:27:30
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(Apologies to non-Bay Areans, though perhaps like me you're interested to hear who's playing where...)  
Paul S. et al: Do you know @ the Billy Cobham/Spectrum show this coming Sunday @ Yoshi's?  Going? (EM me privately if so)  

Artski has promised that Rocky (El Raccoon) will open, if he's not out robbing some 7-11.  He'll be on metal trash-can & plastic paint bucket.  I've reminded Rocky several times now that he's got this gig & that our webmaster's gonna fire his ass if he doesn't show.  I'm not good yet at reading raccoon, but I'd say he's got a definite attitude, & "cooperative" isn't the 1st descriptor that comes to mind...

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