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Posted by carolyn on 03/27/02 - 13:12:21
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Melissa, get checked for lyme.  not the useless blood tests.  you do have lyme in the south.  if you have medicaid, you are actually better off then if you have a "good" insurence like my blue cross/ blue shield.  gotta go now, but a good website for lyme info is www.lymenet.org.  the kind people ther will direct you to a l.l.m.d. and tell you which tests and which labs.  everything and anything is not lyme, but you would not beleive how common it is and it affects us all so diferently.  lyme has caused me to become a dyslexic , phonetically challenged typest.  although i write better than i type and talk better than i write.  i got so sick, for a while was like an alzhiemer patient.  get tstesd to rule it out!

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