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Posted by carolyn on 03/27/02 - 12:44:29
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no, i really don't like engineering.  i worked in the engineering buisiness since i was seventeen.  wanted to go to school for architecture or graphic arts.  was good at math, and my dad was an electrical engineer and so i was pushed t become an engineer.  upset that they would not send me to art school, i took a yr off school.  dad got me a 4$ an hr job as a drafter.  since my work would pay for night classes, even though my brother and sister got sent to college, i no longer have the option of going back to school.worked as a electro-mech designer/tech illustrator for 14 yrs.  made the best of it by saying as long as i had a pencil in my hand i was happy.

dreary offices, overtime, sometimes on weekends, lousy pay in my earlly yrs.  some nice people, lots of old creeps.  i always seem to find myself imprisoned in these places i don't reallyl belong and don't want to be.  i do not like engineering!

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