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Posted by Mission Control on 03/27/02 - 11:20:30
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... admit the bearer to any JS show - 95% of which are general admission.  In the event of a reserved seat show, laminates shall be honored as band 'guestlist walk-in' passes on a first come first served basis.  On these rare occassion of reserved seat engagements, there is a possibility - should the cartographer in question ARRIVE LATE, that due to fire capacity restrictions - said cartographer may be denied admission.  So - it is HIGHLY ADVISABLE, that members arrive at these shows EARLY - or - as our wise, venerable, mystical & inscrutable BARON has suggested: EMAIL US - TO LET US KNOW YOU'RE COMING TO SAID RESERVED SEAT SHOWS , & WE'LL HOLD SPACE FOR YOU.

As regards The State ... the date WILL BE Thur., May. 30 ... and shall be announced shortly.

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